Happy Fishing by Jili Gaming

Happy Fishing is an exciting game offered by Jili Gaming in which fish are aimed to be caught in a battle-like environment. The size of the fish determines the reward: smaller payouts are brought by smaller fish, while bigger rewards, up to 950 times the bet, are offered by larger fish. If catching the bigger fish with regular shots is found challenging, an interesting option is available: torpedoes can be used. Torpedoes can catch any size of fish, but a cost more than a normal shot has to be paid. Happy fishing can be tried, and it will be seen if the big catch can land at 55BMW.

Happy Fishing Key Information

This table clearly explains what Happy Fishing by Jili Gaming offers. Below is an overview of the important aspects of this Fishing Game.

Detail Description
Game Title Happy Fishing
Developer Jili Gaming
Released Date 2021-07-20
Game Type Fishing Games
Return to Player (RTP) 96.5%
Game Features Multiple Fish Types, Bonus Wheel
Maximum Wins x950
Compatible Platforms Windows, Android, iOS, HTML5

Happy Fishing Game Playing Room

Different rooms can have different minimum and maximum betting limits. This structure helps you choose a room that matches your budget, enhancing your overall gaming experience and satisfaction.

Newbie Room: Bet Php 0.10 – Php 10. This level is great for beginners or those who like to play it safe with smaller bets.

Honor Room: Bet Php 10—Php 100. This room offers higher rewards and is good for intermediate players who want to try for bigger winnings without betting too much.

Joy Room: Bet Php 1—Php 100. This is the most popular level, best for experienced players who are confident in their game strategies and are willing to place larger bets for the chance of bigger rewards.

Happy Fishing Special Features

These special features of Happy Fishing keep players interested by changing the usual gameplay and offering new challenges and opportunities. Here are the available features:

Star Fish

When it dies, it creates a whirlpool around itself, which may catch and kill other fish inside it.

Bomb Crab

When it dies, it releases 3 bombs onto the stage. These bombs can explode and have a chance to kill any fish near the blast.

Drill Crab

Upon dying, it drops a drill that can be aimed. The drill bounces around and explodes eventually, potentially killing any fish in its path and the final explosion.

Immortal Boss

When the Immortal Boss appears, you can keep earning rewards by attacking it until it leaves the stage.

Mega Octopus Wheel

  • After killing the octopus, you get a chance to spin a wheel.
  • You earn the multiplier shown where the wheel stops.
  • If you hit the Golden Wheel, you can spin it for a chance to win a 950x multiplier!

Special Weapon: Torpedo

Firing torpedoes costs six times your bet amount but gives a higher chance of killing the fish.

Happy Fishing Paytable

In Happy Fishing, your potential winnings vary based on the type and size of the fish you manage to catch. Here are the payouts you will get in different symbols:

Symbol Payout
Normal Fish 2x to 25x
Golden Gold Fish 40x
Golden Clownfish 45x
Golden Jellyfish 50x
Golden Mantaray 55x
Huge ClownFish 20x to 15x
Huge Angelfish 25x to 150x
Huge Pufferfish 30x to 175x
Starfish 60x
Bomb Crab 70x
Drill Crab 20x  to 80x
Jaws 90x to 180x
Gem Turtle 50x to 560x
Mega Octopus 100x to 950x

Happy Fishing Winning Strategies

When playing games like “Happy Fishing” by Jili Gaming, there are general strategies that can help improve your chances of success and maximize your winnings. Here’s a breakdown of these strategies:

  1. Choose the Appropriate Game Level: Start at lower levels if you’re new to the game to understand the mechanics without significant risk. As you gain confidence and skill, move to higher levels where the stakes and potential rewards are greater.
  2. Make Strategic Use of Special Features: Use powerful tools or abilities, like torpedoes in “Happy Fishing,” wisely. These tools are typically more expensive but can target larger and more rewarding objectives. Use them when they can maximize your gains, especially for difficult-to-catch targets.
  3. Focus on High-Value Targets: Prioritize catching objects or completing tasks that offer higher returns. Knowing which targets yield the most rewards can help you focus your efforts and resources more effectively.
  4. Take Advantage of Bonus Opportunities: When special events or bonus rounds are activated, make the most of them. They often offer enhanced rewards or multipliers, and successfully engaging with them can significantly increase your total winnings.
  5. Adjust Your Betting Strategy: Manage your resources carefully. Increase your stakes when you feel confident or during high-opportunity moments, but also know when to reduce them to conserve your resources.
  6. Understand the Rewards System: Familiarize yourself with the scoring or payout system. Knowing the value of each action or target can help you make more informed decisions about where to apply your efforts.

Game Mechanics at Happy Fishing

Happy Fishing by Jili Gaming offers a range of game mechanics that make it a fun and interactive game for players. Here’s a simpler explanation of how the game works:

  • Multiplayer Game: This is a fishing game where several players can play together. Each player controls a cannon.
  • Bullets and Direction: The direction in which you point your cannon determines where your bullets go. Once you shoot a bullet, changing the direction of your cannon won’t affect that bullet’s path.
  • Bullet Behavior: When a bullet reaches the edge of the game screen, it bounces off and keeps moving until it hits a fish, which affects the game’s outcome.
  • Game Malfunctions: If the game stops working properly, all bets and plays are canceled and do not count.


Happy Fishing by Jili Gaming is a dynamic and engaging game that offers a unique blend of strategy, excitement, and the potential for significant rewards. Set in a vibrant underwater world, players use cannons to catch various fish, each with different values, enhancing the gameplay experience. Including special weapons like torpedoes and the variety of fish sizes—from small to huge—adds depth to the strategy, allowing players to target bigger, more high-paying catches.

Join Happy Fishing at 55BMW Casino now and see if you can reel in the biggest catch!

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