Treasure Bowl by JDB Gaming

Treasure Bowl, created by JDB Gaming, offers an exciting adventure with two thrilling stages of Free Spins. Start by landing winning combinations on the classic 3×3 reels to enter the first stage and collect treasures. Then, move on to unlock the legendary Mega Reel, which can multiply your winnings by up to 1800 times, offering a chance for significant rewards. This captivating slot game is available to play at BMW55 Casino.

Treasure Bowl Key Information

This key information helps you understand what Treasure Bowl by JDB Gaming is about. It explains the main features, benefits, and functionalities, ensuring our players know what to expect. Here’s an overview of the important details about Treasure Bowl:

Detail Description
Game Title Treasure Bowl
Developer JDB Gaming
Released Date 2020-02-08
Game Type Video Slots
Reel Layout 3×3
Maximum Wins x1,800
Game Features 2 Stages of Free Spins, Wild and Feature Buy
Compatible Platforms Windows, Android, iOS, HTML5

Treasure Bowl Special Features

Treasure Bowl Special Features are designed to enhance your engagement, provide more ways to win, and add excitement to the gameplay. Here are the special features you will encounter when you play: 

Wild Symbol

  • The wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol.
  • The wild symbol appears on all reels in the main game.
  • If 3 wild symbols appear, they do not substitute other symbols.

Free Spin Bonus Stage 1

  • If you get 3 wild symbols during regular spins, you activate 5 free spins.
  • The game changes from a single line to a 3×3 reel layout during free spins.
  • Any reward symbols on the reels in this round pay out a prize.
  • Getting more wild symbols during free spins awards extra free spins.
  • If you fill all 9 reel positions with symbols during free spins, you trigger 1 bonus spin in Stage 2.
  • The Free Spin Bonus Stage has its paytable. Check below to see prizes for matching symbol combinations:
Symbol 9


8 Symbols 7 Symbols 6 Symbols 5



3 Symbols 2




Golden Ingot 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50
Coins Stash 225 200 175 150 125 100 75 50 25
Jade Ring 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10
Gourd 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5
Coins 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2

Free Spin Bonus Stage 2

  • When you reach Stage 2 of the free spins, all symbols become Mega symbols.
  • Any Mega symbol appearing pays a prize up to 1800 times your bet amount.
  • The pay table for Free Spin Bonus Stage 2 shows the prize award for each Mega symbol landing on the reels, as listed below:
Symbol Payout
Mega Treasure Bowl 1800x
Mega Golden Ingot 450x
Mega Coins Stash 225x
Mega Jade Ring 90x
Mega Gourd 45x
Mega Coins 2x

Feature Buy Option

  • Players can choose to buy access to the Free Spins Bonus at 75 times their current total bet amount.
  • You automatically enter the Free Spins Bonus round when purchasing the Feature Buy.
  • If you have 3 or more Feature Buy purchases, you agree to forfeit your current game and immediately start the Free Spins Bonus.
  • Wild symbols will randomly appear on the reels during the Feature Buy Free Spins.

Treasure Bowl Paytable

This paytable provides a detailed list of winning combinations and their corresponding payouts. This information helps you to know what combinations you need to hit to win and how much you can win from each combination.

Symbol No. of Symbols Multiplier
Golden Ingot 3 x50
Coins Stash 3 x25
Jade Ring 3 x10
Gourd 3 x5
Coins 3 x2

Maximize Winnings in Treasure Bowl at 55BMW Casino

To increase your chances of winning big in Treasure Bowl by JDB Gaming, it’s important to understand and use the game’s features strategically. Here are some simple strategies to follow:

  1. Understand the Paytable: Start by learning the paytable. This shows you how much each symbol is worth, helping you know what to look for during the game.
  2. Make the Most of Free Spins: Free spins are crucial for winning more. Landing three Wild symbols activates five free spins. During these free spins, the game switches to a 3×3 reel setup, increasing your chances of winning.
  3. Fill the Reels During Free Spins: During free spins, aim to fill all nine slots with symbols. Achieving this triggers an additional bonus spin in the second stage, where each symbol is a mega symbol offering higher payouts.
  4. Use the Feature Buy Option: If your budget allows, consider using the Feature Buy option to enter the Free Spins Bonus directly. This costs 75 times your bet but can lead directly to higher winnings.
  5. Prepare for Mega Symbols in the Second Free Spin Stage: In the second free spins stage, every symbol can multiply your winnings by up to 1800x. Plan your bets carefully to take advantage of this, especially when high-value mega symbols appear.

By following these strategies, you can better navigate the opportunities within Treasure Bowl to increase your payouts.

Game Mechanics at Treasure Bowl

Treasure Bowl offers simple mechanics that make it easy to play for both beginners and experienced slot game enthusiasts:

  • Game Structure: Treasure Bowl is a video slot game featuring a straightforward grid of 3 reels and 3 rows.
  • Winning Combinations: You win by lining up symbols from the left reel to the right across the rows.
  • Payout Information: The game’s paytable displays potential winnings as multipliers of your total bet.
  • Calculating Winnings: The multiplier from the paytable is applied to your total bet to determine your winnings, which are then paid out in credits.
  • Game Malfunctions: In case of a game malfunction, all current plays and payouts are voided.


Treasure Bowl, created by JDB Gaming, combines classic slot game excitement with modern features, making it a great choice for players at 55BMW Casino. It’s easy to play with its 3×3 reel setup and offers a chance to win big—up to 1800 times your bet. The game includes exciting options like two stages of free spins and Mega symbols that increase your potential winnings during the second stage of free spins.

Ready to try your luck and win big? Sign up and play Treasure Bowl today at 55BMW!

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